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Resources for students

Writing strategies

Here are some suggestions for improving the quality of your writing:

How to email a Professor

Here is a piece of advice on how to communicate by email.

In addition, here is some advice and how not to email your Professor.

Recommendation letters

If you want to request a recommendation letter from me, please be advised that I take these requests seriously as both our reputations are at stake. Strong letters of recommendation usually are the product of long and close relationships with faculty, so consider whether I am the most appropriate individual to ask for a letter.


I will generally write a recommendation letter for students who:


  • Took at least one course with me.

  • Excelled in the course with a final grade "A-" or better.

  • Worked for me at least one semester.


When requesting a recommendation letter, please consider the following procedure:


  • Discuss with me the recommendation request before sending me the auto-generated email from the program you are applying for. 

  • Make a recommendation letter request by email at least three weeks in advance.

  • Include the following information in a single email.

    • Updated CV.

    • Your transcripts and GPA.

    • Relevant documents such as a statement of purpose or application letter.

    • A brief description of the program, job, institution to which I will be addressing the letter. Include links with relevant information. 

    • A note with suggestions of what I should emphasize in the letter.




Javier Osorio

Assistant Professor

School of Government and Public Policy

University of Arizona

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